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So many of you have asked us about the name of our brand. What stands behind POĒMA? And why Munich? True, that every brand name has a unique story to tell. In this post we want to share with you how we came up with “POĒMA Munich”.

One of the ideas to start with was to think of reflections of our values, feelings our customers might experience when getting to know our brand. After listing hundreds of words and phrases we felt like all the bright names had already been taken. Coming up with a catchy, smart, meaningful name turned out to be quite challenging.

Then we started playing with our own names. After turning our surnames upside down several times which resulted only in laughter, we tried to blend them and here we saw some light at the end of the tunnel.

POlina and MAriam finally composed a very gentle, soft, and charming word that sounded nothing less than perfect to us. A simple “E” connector, meaning “and” in Italian, links ​back to Italy, where our fabrics come from.

“POĒMA” is also a beautiful allegory. For us our designs are like poems that praise women and their natural beauty. 

In our next blog post you will find out how Munich became a part of our brand name. 

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