Who Made Your Clothes

Do you fancy meeting our team members who give life to our beautiful garments? We believe that our customers should know who is standing behind the production of POĒMA clothes. So, we are going to introduce you to the wonderful ladies who help us to create our amazing pieces! 

Most fast fashion brands use factories in Asian countries, including Cambodia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, China, Sri Lanka, and India. Many of the workers in these factories are women, and an increasing amount of evidence suggests that the majority of them are exploited and treated as second-class citizens. Poor unsafe working conditions, people trafficking, physical abuse, harassment, low wages, children labor - this is the reality of millions of garment workers worldwide. 
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POĒMA is a sustainable slow fashion brand and we are proud that our items are ethically produced by local tailors and seamstresses. We ensure that, whether based in Russia or in Italy, our seamstresses get paid reasonably and according to the standard living wage. They produce garments on their own schedule and don’t have to meet any seasonal deadlines, because, if you remember, there are no seasonal collections at POĒMA. This helps us to empower our tailors to earn income on their own terms.

We would like you to meet Natalia and Sandra, our skilled tailors with whom we partner in Moscow and Lombardy. Behind POĒMA garments lie many hours of their care, craft, and pattern making. They spend countless hours to realize our vision and inspire us by their talent and professionalism.

Meet the women who make your clothes!