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Did you know that keeping a schedule or doing something as getting dressed in the morning can really improve your mental health? 

At POĒMA Munich we strongly believe that minding our mental wellbeing is as important as caring for our physical health, especially during these chaotic times. We’ve read dozens of articles on how getting dressed ​could help benefit our mental wellbeing and here are the key insights and take-aways for you:

▫️ Psychotherapists consider putting on clothes to be an important part of our mental hygiene, especially during the current pandemic

▫️In a study conducted by Northwestern University in 2012, researchers found that ​wearing specific pieces of clothing can influence a person’s psychological wellbeing​ and performance. This is called “enclothed cognition”

▫️We know that when we stay at home for a longer period of time, it is easy to wear pyjamas. But, unless we are feeling sick, experts recommend putting some clothes on. Staying stuck in our pyjamas day after day sets our mood. The same way we associate clean and presentable clothing with work and productivity, is the same way we associate sweatpants and pyjamas with comfort and laziness. Comfort can be seen positively, but laziness is a negative, especially when we are trying to accomplish work

▫️Experts say that by waking up at our usual time, getting dressed (in something other than pyjamas) and doing our hair & makeup as usual, ​can play a role in our mood throughout the day and lead to productivity, optimism and motivation

▫️Putting on an outfit in the morning releases neurotransmitters in our brains including dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins, sparking a sense of purpose. These chemicals boost our mental state, which is necessary during tough times

What we wear is how we express ourselves and what we present to the world, even if the world doesn't necessarily get to see us right now. Even though we might be working from home, most of us are still connected to other colleagues with video chats and Zoom calls. With this in mind, dressing up once in a while is encouraged, because this may help getting through long days of lockdown. 

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