Slow Fashion

POĒMA's conscious concept promotes slow fashion and zero-waste production through a tightly controlled manufacturing process, in which materials and processes matter. 

STYLE INSTEAD OF TRENDS. We want our designs to be more about the style, fabric quality and the way they are made rather than trends. This philosophy allows our customers to buy exclusive garments that last.

LOCALLY SOURCED AND DOMESTIC MANUFACTURING. Besides caring for the planet through thoughtful design and fabric selection, we produce clothing in-house or locally, allowing for full control over the supply chain process. There is no rush to scale quickly or create trendy items. Such an approach infuses value into every seam and lining of our crafted garment.

CRAFTSMANSHIP. To create clothes that last, we take exceptional care to find specialists or ateliers that maintain the standards of traditional high-end tailoring. With POĒMA garments we want to put an emphasis on the art of clothes making and celebrate the skills of professionals who create them.

NO SEASONAL COLLECTIONS. Business-wise, the current pandemic has turned all our plans upside down and has forced us to look at our brand development in a different way. We decided not to design for seasons, but rather create for forever. This means there will be no collections at POĒMA, but new designs according to our inspiration and ideas, and the fabrics we are able to find.

PRE-ORDER. In the long-term future we would like to fully move to a Pre-Order system. Likewise we will be able to estimate how many pieces we are going to sell from one product. Therefore, we could only produce exactly what our customers need. This would be another great approach of slow fashion.