Cookies Policy

Last updated: June 2020


When you browse our website, at the address, browsing data may be collected, if necessary, with your prior consent, through cookies set on our Website. During their lifespan, these cookies help to improve your experience with our brand. This section is dedicated to provide you with clear and comprehensive information about the origin and use of the cookies that are placed on your device (desktop or mobile, tablet, smartphone, etc.) when you visit our Website and the means at your disposal if you wish to object to them.


  1. What is a Cookie?
  2. How do Cookies work?
  3. How do I set Cookies?
  4. How long does my consent to Cookies last?
  5. What are the consequences if I decide to reject Cookies?


  1. What is a Cookie?


A cookie is a text or tracer file placed on your device which allow, during its lifespan and if its depositing is technically necessary for browsing the Website or authorized by you, to identify and recognize your device during subsequent visits to the Site and in particular to improve your browsing experience (“Cookies”). The depositing of Cookies allows the Cookie issuer to identify the computer alone, and not directly identify its user.


  1. How do Cookies work?


The Cookies placed on the Website fall into several categories. They may be placed by us or by authorized third parties and each fulfill a different purpose:


Category of Cookie


Strictly necessary Cookies

Strictly necessary Cookies are technical Cookies that are strictly necessary for the Website to function and which allow you to browse the pages on the Website and to access the various products and services that we offer. They include, for example, Cookies that record your session identifiers, your shopping cart or the information that you have provided in a form, or Cookies that adapt the Website presentation to your preferences (language used, display resolution). The Cookies that are strictly necessary for the functioning of the Website will always be active on your computer so that you are able to browse the Website.

Performance and customization Cookies

Performance and customization Cookies are functional Cookies. They allow, if you accept them, to measure the traffic for the content on our Website in order to improve the relevance and usability of our services, in particular by determining visitor statistics and volume. These Cookies also allow us to customize your browser experience on the Website based on your purchasing history or the products that you have viewed on the Website.

Advertising Cookies

If you accept them, advertising Cookies allow us to display advertisements on the web pages that you visit, which are adapted and customized according to your profile and areas of interest, on third party websites with advertising space. For this purpose, we may share your browsing data with our partners, including social networks. These advertisements will be presented to you in line, for example, with your browsing and purchasing history, or your location data.


  1. How do I set Cookies?


With the exception of Cookies that are strictly necessary for the functioning of the Website to function, Cookies will be placed on your device subject to your prior consent. You can change your Cookies settings at any time using directly your browser by clicking on the following links.

Edge / Internet Explorer


  1. How long does my consent to Cookies last?


Your consent to the placing of Cookies will remain valid during 13 months from the time your decision is made. After this period has expired, we will ask you to renew your consent. If no decision is made, we may contact you again to find out what are your intentions. In any event, you still retain the option to withdraw your consent at any time using our Cookies setting tool.


  1. What are the consequences if I decide to reject Cookies?


When you set your Cookies in the settings tool or in your browser, it is likely that you will change your browser experience on the Website and no longer benefit from certain functions. For example: by rejecting the placing of performance and customization Cookies, your browsing on the Website will no longer be adapted to your preferences, especially in the case of products that you have viewed. Furthermore, we disclaim all responsibility for any browsing difficulties that you might encounter following your decision to remove Cookies.