Our Values


We promote a mindful approach to fashion and inspire our clients to buy clothes that are designed to last and reject the “only wear it once” mindset.

We believe in slow fashion and create classic garments that will remain on high rotation for seasons to come.

In order to avoid overproduction and minimize waste, we produce a very limited number of pieces per style.


When it comes to fabric selection, we give priority to natural and organic fabrics.

We do not produce our own fabrics, as there are already tons of unused textiles available in stock. Instead, we create our garments from surplus coming from Italian Couture Houses and fashion factories.

Our production is focused on near zero textile waste and we try to find creative ways to apply this principle, e.g. we make interesting and fresh accessories from fabric off-cuts.


Our designs represent exclusive and timeless elegance. We create classic silhouettes with fresh reading. Our clothes emphasize women natural beauty and femininity.


We create versatile pieces that can be styled in multiple ways and across many seasons. 

We prioritize comfort and ease when creating our garments.

We give our clients a selection of really wearable designs suitable for almost any occasion and guarantee high quality cuts and sewing.