WHY Munich?

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In our previous post we gave you an idea which goes behind “POĒMA”. Now, we will explain why we’d decided to include Munich as a part of our brand name.

The first and obvious reason is that our company is established and registered in Munich. Back in January 2020 we understood that to put Munich on our logo would be a rather bold idea, as Munich is far from the famous fashion industries. We all know that Munich is not Milan, neither Paris, or London. The city is more about beer, Oktoberfest, BMW and not fashion, - you would say. And here comes the second reason.

True that Munich can offer a wide range of mass-market retailers. But have you ever noticed that two of your friends and five colleagues have the same dress? We did. Yes, you may go to some luxurious brand and spend your whole salary on a unique outfit, however, many girls in Munich can not afford this.

There are only a few local brands that can offer high-quality and yet affordable garments, however, the demand is there. We believe that many women in Munich would like to wear clothes which emphasize their natural beauty and femininity, which make them feel elegant, which are exclusive and sustainable. And this is what POĒMA Munich stands for. 

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